Just two people trying to balance this gimbal called life!


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OUR purpose is to serve Jesus with a humble and loving spirit, WE want to inspire people AND capture moments that can never be had again so that we may look back and remember how far we have come and those that matter the most to us. I want to build a business that is not focused on money but focused on people,

I started AshtonImagery in July of 2010 doing photography and film. I worked with a few photographers in the area, built my business while working side jobs. Through life struggles and changes, photography was always there but video took a back seat. I went hard towards photography for several years before I met Lonnie Dale Webb. God brought our paths together like the most beautifully orchestrated songs you had ever heard and I am so thankful. We met in 2014, engaged 11 months later in 2015, married 3 months later in February of 2016 and 14 months later we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Scarlett Kathleen into the world! Our love story is my favorite!

It was while I was pregnant with Scarlett that God has put on my heart to do film again. I took photos of a good friends wedding and Lonnie joined me as a second shooter. It was then I realized his artistic ability went outside of just music. I let it sit in my mind for 3 months and we prayed, we talked and researched until we finally pulled the trigger. It was so scary to make such a big purchase before we had our first baby but we trusted God’s plan because He was relentless, in the best way! Here we are two years later and loving what we do! Lonnie specializes in wedding films + business films + being super attractive.

I love being able to live out my purpose with the man God has created for me to walk through life with, to eat tacos with and to create a family with. Lonnie is my better half and is constantly encouraging me run a better business be a better business and person.

We look forward to all the next few years have as we dive deeper into God’s calling on our life and pray that we are able to invest into people, ourselves and live inspired along the way!

"You're a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox" - Leslie Knope
Stunning memories by Photos By Shayla